Mystic Box

Coming in several fun shapes, DOIY’s collection of “Mystic” ceramic boxes provides playful ways to store jewelry and trinkets. Available in various shapes—including this heart, as well as a sun, moon and crystal ball—these vessels are practical but offer a touch of magic. Price is in Euros.

Little Cloud Pocket Amulet

Carry a token of love and positivity everywhere you go, with this Little Cloud amulet from FriendsWithYou. The art collective will also be donating 10% of proceeds to the ACLU. The brass-plated lead-free pewter trinket is limited to 1,000 pieces.

Push Trio Dishes

Available in brass, steel or copper, this trio of dishes (joined together at their edges) arrives the same as each other, but then the owner can press and push them in order to expand to the shape they want. Blending mathematics, design and a little customization, the Push Dishes measure 15cm by 20cm and are perfect for storing precious tchotchkes. Price is in Euros.