The Turk’s Inn Opens in Brooklyn With a Familiar Feel

Nostalgic ephemera included, an iteration of a once-lively Wisconsin Supper Club lives on through two now-grown-up patrons

Nostalgia has a peculiar way of permeating: sometimes it’s sudden and you’re transported back in time, while in other instances you’re enveloped in a feeling that’s warm and familiar but somehow untraceable. The Turk’s Inn—which (re)opens in Brooklyn tomorrow—is steeped in the latter. From its plush patterned carpet to the imported textiles on the walls, the space—which is 6,000 square-feet and comprises a restaurant, music …

The Turkish Cookbook

Musa Dağdeviren’s The Turkish Cookbook is a sprawling how-to on the country’s cuisine. It features a whopping 500+ recipes, ranging from classics like bulgur, kebabs and baklava to lesser-known regional treats like milk-poached fish and stuffed quince. With a somewhat old-world vibe, the book is rich and vibrant—much like the cuisine. Istanbul-based, Nizip-born chef Dağdeviren focuses on history and culture, and this book adds to …

Turkish Towel + Carrier

This black and white handwoven Aegean cotton towel can handle all summer beach and picnic needs. Moreover, it’s easy to carry on all your adventures thanks to a leather carrying harness. With antique brass hardware, the carrier makes it easy to throw the towel over your shoulder—whether trudging from the car or train, or if you’re riding your bike.