Cool Hunting Video Presents: U-Mini Burger

Re-imagining fast food with quality ingredients and outstanding flavor in our video on LA's king of burgers

The second of our videos to premiere at this year’s 99u will definitely get you in the mood for lunch. We spoke to the founder of the famous Umami Burger in Los Angeles about his newest experimental venture, the U-Mini Burger. U-Mini takes all the basic, delicious elements of the typical Umami burger and translates those flavors into a fast food environment. Those used to …

Umami Master Sauce

Those who love the rich flavors of LA’s notoriously delicious burger joint can now attempt to recreate the taste at home. Umami Burger founder Adam Fleischman is peddling his secret sauce for Umami fanatics’ cooking pleasure.

Umami Flavors Fly High

British Airways menus powered with the fifth taste serve food high in flavor and lower in salt and sugar

With the goal of making bland airline meals a thing of the past, the culinary team at British Airways Height Cuisine turned to Chef Heston Blumenthal to help them tackle the challenge of serving great-tasting food at 35,000 feet. In his show “Heston’s Mission Impossible” Blumentahl explored why so many foods loose flavor at altitude. He then set about developing techniques to solve the problem. …