The Personal Popper

Crafted from premium, LFGB-certified silicone, W&P’s Personal Popper prepares four cups of popcorn in four minutes or under. Kernels can be measured in the lid’s cup and then microwaved in the bowl that doubles as a serving container. When done, the popper (available in red and black) collapses for easy storage.

Brooklyn’s New Natural Wine Bar, Rhodora, is Entirely Waste-Free

Both challenging and hospitable, the space sets a new standard for eco-friendliness in the industry

197 Adelphi Street (in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood) is no stranger to sustainable businesses. Originally housing the carbon-neutral Oberon Group restaurant Mettā until July 2019, the address has a new tenant: Rhodora, a waste-free wine bar under the same ownership. But if you ask Henry Rich (owner) and Halley Chambers (deputy director), this reopening represents far more than the reuse of once-defunct space. “This is …