Mint Watering Pot

Handcrafted from porcelain, Dutch designer Elke van den Berg’s mint-green watering pot is not just beautiful to look at, but is also ultimately functional. Dishwasher-safe, with a glistening inner-glaze that contrasts its matte outside, the pot features a slim nozzle—making it ideal for watering smaller, indoor plants. And if you’re a notorious plant-killer: it makes for a lovely vase. Price is in Euros.

Hadron Watering Can

With a matte exterior and a glossy interior, Brooklyn-based Light + Ladder’s ceramic watering can boasts a beautiful natural hue and an elegant design. A thoughtful alternative to flimsy plastic iterations, this 12-inch-tall item can be displayed alongside the plants it nourishes with pride.

Brass Mister

This brass Victorian-style mist-sprayer can hold 300ml of water and is notably more sophisticated than the various plastic versions available. Over time, the brass will also develop a patina, adding further character. As many green thumbs know, not all plants want to be misted (also keep in mind humidity, seasons and more) so while it’s a useful tool, it’s not for everybody in your plant …