X is For Love Chocolate Puzzle

An X represents so much—a spot containing something valuable, a kiss, a crossing or the intersection of two things. NYC-based architectural firm Reddymade Design won this year’s annual Times Square Valentine’s Day Heart competition with their X-shaped sculptural pavilion, on view through 28 February. For anyone looking to bring it (or its message) home, weR2’s commemorative chocolate puzzle embodies the spirit—and tastes delectable. One part dark …

Donald Sultan Dark Chocolate Bars

A collaboration between weR2 and MarieBelle Chocolates New York, these dark chocolate bars look as good as they taste. Four different Donald Sultan-designed boxes represent each flavor—composed of rich 70% dark chocolate combined with either ginger, orange, almond or pistachio. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from this weR2 product goes to the Foundation For The Carolinas, in response to the devastating effects of 2018’s Hurricane Florence.