MegaWarm Jacket

The MegaWarm Jacket (available in men’s and women’s sizing) is the warmest coat in the world, with a CLO (a measure for thermal insulation that an article of clothing provides) of 9.25—the highest rating of any jacket. With LifeLabs’ innovative WarmLife proprietary technology, this garment not only reflects 100% of a wearer’s body heat back to them, but it’s also fully weatherproof, light and breathable thanks to …

Fireside Plaid Red Full-Length Underwear

A slim-fitting base layer composed of soft, breathable tencel modal fabric, undergarment brand BN3TH’s Fireside Plaid Red Full-Length Underwear offers comfortable warmth. The long underwear features the brand’s signature pouch design, which aims to reduce human adjustment and shifting. The benefits of the sustainable fabric extend beyond the body and impact the environment, too.