Freewrite Second Generation Smart Typewriter

Writers know the value of being connected to the internet for research, fact-checking and so much more. And yet, connectivity consistently poses problems—from interruption to procrastination. Astrohaus’ Freewrite Smart Typewriter, now in its improved second generation, offers an alternative. There’s a satisfying, high-end mechanical keyboard, weeks of battery life and an e INK screen that looks like ink on paper. Of course, work typed here …

N°6 Scented Pencils

Inspired by Swiss fragrance and candlemaker Mizensir’s “Bois du Tibet” aroma, Caran D’Ache’s N°6 Scented Pencils offer elegant patchouli, incense and tonka bean notes. The carefully selected, high-quality wood is both FSC- and OLB-certified. Even the pencil lead has been manufactured from 100% natural products. This isn’t an average pencil set, but then again nothing from this Swiss brand is average.