OY/YO Necklace

Based on the OY/YO series of artworks by celebrated artist Deborah Kass, this 18k gold-plated necklace is playfully luxurious. Combining riffs on Ed Ruscha’s text-based works, Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” pieces, classic nameplate necklaces, and her own identity and as a “total, absolute, 100 percent provincial New Yorker,” the piece is a glorious play on language. Reading the Yiddish exclamation “OY” or “YO,” depending on the wearer’s mood.

Schvitzy Beach Towel

Designed by Shelby Jones and Yoav Schlensinger for Hello Mazel, stocked exclusively at the Jewish Museum Shop, this “schvitzy” towel is made for all the mensches headed to the pool and beach this summer. Produced in the USA from 100% Turkish cotton, it measures 57 inches by 29 inches. It’s a playful item for those days of fun in the sun.

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