Chinatown Market ZERØGRAND

Cole Haan’s second drop with Chinatown Market sees the Canal Street-celebrating founder Mike Cherman hand-pick colors and custom materials for the lightest ZERØGRAND collection yet. The signature smiley adorns the upper—sending an optimistic message to everyone in sight. Meanwhile, the sneaker’s clever lacing system actually holds laces in place, turning each shoe into a comfortable slip-on.

Cole Haan + JackThreads Capsule Collection

A red, white and blue shoe collaboration in three classic styles

Over the last few years, we’ve been very upfront about our love of lifestyle and accessories brand Cole Haan. The primary reason isn’t just our appreciation for their technological advancements or design sensibilities, but the simpler statement that they look and feel good. JackThreads—who have demonstrated with their namesake label an equal dedication to craftsmanship and style, despite being relatively new—also shared this belief and …

Interview: Ricky Hendry on Tech-Led Fashion

Smart textiles and the future of innovation within the current landscape of men's style, presented by Cole Haan ZeroGrand

Sponsored content: While one of the most evident ways in which technology has seeped into contemporary culture is no doubt wearables; fashion and tech have—and continue—to collide, from DVF collaborating with Google Glass to 3D-printed insoles. While some products seem to be conceived purely for aesthetics, many make the uncertainty of daily life in and outside the city a little bit easier to manage by …