Herb Essentials
Cannabis-based skincare isn't new, but there's something special about the body lotion that's been sitting atop our bathroom sink for the past few weeks. The simple black-and-white minimalist branding on the bottle sets it apart from what you...
Herb Grinder
A dual functioning grinder and storage container, this CNC machined high-grade aluminum object uses Neodymium magnets to hold together and locks airtight. It's all made in Portland, Oregon and Tanner Goods has-laser etched their new "Stay Green" graphic...
Sigur Rós + Lord Jones Edible Cannabis Gumdrops
Many of us have turned to the Icelandic band Sigur Rós for soothing, soaring sensations in their over two decades worth of music. Similarly, many also reach to cannabis products for that same all-encompassing calmness. Thanks to California's Lord...
Leather Kit
Small enough to stow in a pocket, SilverStick's Typewriter Black leather pouch comes complete with a streamlined one-hitter and cap, 25 natural cotton filters, a stainless steel poker and an airtight container. The handcrafted Horween leather kit can...
Golden Snitch
Those tiny plastic baggies sadly let the whole world know you've got good weed. Stash the precious bud away from mooching roommates in this gorgeous California-made Golden Snitch orb, available at Sweetflag. The new online shop is fully of beautifully...
Sweet Leaf Pave Hoop Earrings
Not all cannabis enthusiasts are sitting in a dorm room covered in Bob Marley posters. As evidence to this, Jacquie Aiche's handmade jewelry caters to the more sophisticated 420 fan. Available in 14k yellow, rose or white gold, these delicate "Sweet...
Ombre Pipe
As much a design item as a fully effective pipe, Haciendaware's ceramic pipe features a soothing pastel ombre effect in satin glaze. Each stoneware item has been handmade in LA and cites the city's smog-enhanced sunsets as an inspiration source. Altogether...
Pleasure Point Bong
Seeking an elevated 420 experience, Summerland creates ceramic “stonerware” that puts balmy skies and dreamy beach vibes into bong form. Designed and hand-produced in Northern California, their Pleasure Point bong is made from cone five ceramic—which...
Puff Puff Pass Ashtray
This ashtray—handmade by Brooklyn-based designers Deirdre Shea and Na Kim aka Young Alexander—blends the perfect amount of sophistication with a playful, rebellious nature. Boasting real gold luster, the "Puff Puff Pass" ashtray is a subtle way to...
The High Maintenance (Unofficial) Soundtrack
Cult web series "High Maintenance," created and written by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, stars the latter as your go-to marijuana dealer; each episode centers on a different customer and their personal (if on the verge of neurotic) life in New...
Classy Cannabis Cookbooks
As marijuana becomes legalized in more states around the United States, cooking with cannabis has taken a step towards the serious—weed brownies and "special" Rice Krispies Treats just won't cut it anymore. Amid the vast number of questionable cookbooks...
Tongue Pipe
Stick your tongue out at the haters while lighting up in freedom (in some US states). These cheeky weed pipes are each handmade by the artistic duo behind Troll, Aine Vonnegut and Maia Ruth Lee.
Luxury Wood Dugout Kit
Discreet and elegant, the Luxury Wood Dugout Kit by Denver's Elevate Accessories brings subtle sophistication to smoking devices. The handcrafted, tritone wood dugout comes with built-in tobacco storage and an accompanying glass one-hitter with a wild...
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