Test Drive: 2018 Audi RS 5 Coupe

Beautiful, responsive driving from the sportscar-inspired vehicle

From Aspen‘s Main Street to the Continental Divide at Independence Pass and from Phoenix out into the cacti-laden Sonoran Desert, we’ve thus far taken the 2018 Audi RS 5 Coupe on two adventures of startling beauty. There’s a reason we returned to the wheel—and return would again; the high performance vehicle is an object of impeccable design. And this design telegraphs the Audi coupe’s real value: it’s …

Not Your Average Snack: Wilde Brand Chicken Chips

The meatier, healthier alternative to traditional chips

Truly healthy snacks can be hard to discern among the slew of healthy looking options. And once you find one that fits your diet or preferences they don’t promise to satisfy the desire that snacking commands. The latest snack that satisfies that indescribable indulgence is Wilde Brand Chicken Chips. They’re flakey chips made from 100% premium cuts of chicken with a small amount of tapioca flour and …

Plant People’s High-Quality, Full-Spectrum CBD Products

The NYC-based CBD start-up offers an assortment of THC-free drops and capsules

Like many states, New York has introduced medicinal marijuana for only what are deemed severe, debilitating or life-threatening conditions. But, as the state’s governor insinuated earlier in 2018, it’s not a matter of if New York legalizes recreational marijuana, it’s a matter of when. In the mean time, the number of upstart New York-based CBD—one of the most well-known cannabinoids derived from hemp and cannabis—brands …

Small Steps, yet Big Leaps

Driven by clarity and the need to inspire, our site redesign is live

One year in the making—and almost four years after our last refresh—we’ve just unveiled a brand new design for the site. As we’ve affirmed and honed our mission statement, you’ll continue to find much of what you’ve long loved about COOL HUNTING here. We aim, of course, to inspire, to quench curiosity, to filter through the ever-changing world of design and uncover that which speaks to the future. And yet, you’ll find that our visual emphasis has changed. Our previous six redesigns pushed boundaries and targeted unknown-to-the internet innovation. This time, clarity drives the site so that viewers can easily discover what we’ve spent time sharing.

Sonos Creates New Bell for the Stock Exchange

When challenged with changing the chime, the team wanted to give it some soul

This morning, for the first time in the Nasdaq bell’s 18-year history, a brand new sound will kick off trading. Created by the talented sound experience team at Sonos (made up of music producers, sound designers, scientists and audio engineers), the new chime has “some soul wrapped around it,” says Chris Jenkins, who explains the main goal was to make a provocative sound. After much …