Lauren Molina

If you're looking for a little sunshine to brighten up a cold winter day, check out the delightful debut album from indie pop singer-songwriter, Lauren Molina. An accomplished Broadway actress currently playing the role of Johanna in the national tour of Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd," Molina is a veritable one-woman orchestra, whose innovative arrangements for Doo-Be-Doo have her playing cello, ukulele, guitar, accordion, Wurlizter and …

Lakai Ltd. Tees

The Wrench Pilot Comic and its hero, Lettus Bee, ran in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine from 1989-1991. Letttus Bee was the skateboarder's "everyman" and now Lakai Ltd. has created shirts inspired by the comic strip (pictured left). Other novel designs from the Lakai collection reinterpret traditional Mary Poppins iconography with a 21st century twist (pictured right).

Carla Bruni: No Promises

The second album of French/Italian model-cum-chanteuse, Carla Bruni just hit stores in France. Two years in the making, No Promises is a unique and personal interpretation of some of the greatest poets of the American and British traditions, including texts by Emily Dickenson and W. B. Yeats. No Promises won't be released in the U.S. until the end of January but is availble for purchase …

Nicholas Feltron Annual Report 2006

Last year at this time we posted designer Nicholas Feltron's ingenious personal annual report and this year he's at it again with another clever visual journal of 2006. The Feltron Report 2006 was conceived as a booklet to be distributed later in the month. You can preview the report and sign up to receive a copy via snail mail on his site.

Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour

For King lovers who can't make it to Memphis, now you can have an all access tour of Elvis Presley's famed mansion right in your own living room with the arrival of Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour. The book contains nine different three-dimensional spreads designed by pop-up master Chuck Murphy, dedicated to the most popular aspects of the castle of rock 'n roll, including the …