Holiday Gift Guides 2016: Green Rush

Whether buying for a rookie or an expert, there's a cannabis-related treat here for everybody

With 2017 encroaching, it’s high time everyone chills out about marijuana. The plant is known for its myriad medicinal effects and at the end of the day, is the same as having a glass of wine after work when used in moderation. Thanks to this, each year we see a stronger creative output for pot accoutrement; from sculptural ceramic bongs to herbal infusers to handsome …

“It’s 420 Somewhere” T-Shirt

With a slogan that’s as subtle as a sledgehammer, Loved by Erika’s “It’s 420 Somewhere” one-of-a-kind T-shirt embraces the joy of stereotypical stoners. Pale pink and with DIY purple puff glitter paint, it’s a thing teenage dreams were made of. Wear it while tending to your plants, lazing around on the weekend, wherever—maybe just don’t wear it in front of your conservative grandparents. This unique …

The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Create your trippiest artwork and set your inner artist free with Jared Hoffman’s “The Stoner’s Coloring Book.” With 40+ original illustrations created by nine artists, the pages within are a wild ride; psychedelic and plenty of positive vibes. So find a comfy spot to sit, settle in with your favorite snacks, and enjoy this childhood activity that’s just as fun now.