Holiday Gift Guides 2016: Green Rush

Whether buying for a rookie or an expert, there's a cannabis-related treat here for everybody

With 2017 encroaching, it’s high time everyone chills out about marijuana. The plant is known for its myriad medicinal effects and at the end of the day, is the same as having a glass of wine after work when used in moderation. Thanks to this, each year we see a stronger creative output for pot accoutrement; from sculptural ceramic bongs to herbal infusers to handsome …

Cannabis-Infused Smoothie

Inspired by the traditional Bhang Lassi, Julianna Carella (founder of cannabis food company Auntie Dolores) created a Western and modern take: the Cannabis Superfood Smoothie. In a recipe and a video, Carella outlines how to infuse coconut milk with cannabis—though admits it’s most likely safer to leave that part to the professionals—and create a 420-friendly smoothie that’s good for your mind and body.

Mister Green Life Store

Creative entrepreneur Ariel Stark-Benz is making marijuana great again with “a friendly shop for high minded people”

Ariel Stark-Benz had his first hit of weed at age nine, when an older neighbor in his hometown of Portland pulled out his parents’ stash and they gave it a whirl the way many kids smoke their first time: DIY via good old aluminum. It’s safe to say he’s no longer poking holes in soda cans to get high anymore, but the hardworking, creative entrepreneur …