Winemaking Through Gravity at Martin’s Lane

A stunning, minimalist winery in the Canadian Okanagan Valley

Nestled in the stunning Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, the renowned Mission Hill Winery has just opened a new addition to its estate. As with the previous wineries at this location, Martin’s Lane is primarily designed by Tom Kundig, the Seattle-based, award-winning architect also known for his love of gizmos—something apparent in his design. Not only does his design impress, the wine is extraordinary …

Valentine feat. Rob Araujo + patches: Embrace

“Embrace” is a jazzy electro tune from producer-turned-vocalist Valentine, multi-instrumentalist Rob Araujo, and rapper patches. The three connect on the third installment of singles from Valentine’s upcoming album Falling, out soon on Majestic Casual Records. With soft, bright synths; super-sweet vocals and clean production, the result is a summery vibe.

How to Take Honest iPhone Photos

During the recent Adobe 99U conference, Brooklyn-based Aundre Larrow discussed his work as a portrait photographer and the immense importance of “honest photography.” What he means by that is “pictures that don’t rely on editing or retouching and portray people as they really are,” and the trick to that is understanding just how essential light is. Larrow says, “Photography is painting with light” and because …