Duo Pipe

Bold contrasting colors and a slim design make up the Duo Pipe, a one-hitter made of borosilicate glass from the design-forward smoke accessory brand Tetra and designed by Florida-based studio Yield. In any of its color combinations—purple and green, teal and amber or black and and smoke—the Duo provides jaunty, portable hits.

Bloom’s Triple-Intake Technology Rethinks The Cannabis Vape Industry

The new Surf vape more closely resembles smoking the plant directly

Though the cannabis industry is saturated with design-centric and thoughtful luxury products, the same cannot be said for the equally competitive vape market. Vapes can provide hard hits that feel like they burn right through your the lungs and sometimes only function for a short while before falling apart entirely. They offer none of the flavors or strain choices that smoking flower directly offers, nor …

Floating Ashtray

From Canadian smokeware brand Another Room, the Floating Ashtray makes it easy to toke while soaking in the bath, relaxing in a pool or drifting down a river. 3D-printed with plant-based plastics, the ashtray features a lily pad with a flower on top, a design that’s both fun and functional. The raised pad protects the stash from water and splashing while a ridge on the …