Kristin Worrall Crafts Sculptural Art from Gelatin Desserts in “Take Comfort”

A new exhibit in Connecticut's Standard Space blends food, art, performance and nostalgia

For New York-based artist Kristin Worrall, it was not enough to tour with the award-winning company Nature Theater of Oklahoma, nor was it enough to bake for critically acclaimed restaurants such as Jean-Georges. Rather, Worrall’s penchant for the multidisciplinary and interconnectedness led the artist to forge her own path, melding food, sound design and theater into interactive, unique art. Her latest—Take Comfort at Connecticut’s Standard …

pause: 怠​け​者

Japanese slowcore band pauses share their first single, “怠​け​者,” a pretty, melancholy song whose name translates to “lazy” in English. It begins with intimate vocals with a gentleness that’s punctuated by pulsating drums and atmospheric guitar. Toward the end of the near four-minute track, the soundscape expands and envelops, incorporating transcendent synths and a resonant guitar progression.

New Research Supports the Idea that There Was Once Life on Mars

A recent study from the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters presents new speculation about the early evolution of Mars. By developing a new model of the Martian atmosphere through time, researchers found that Mars—in contrast to the frozen desert it is now—was born with lots of water and a dense atmosphere that could have harbored warm-to-hot oceans for millions of years. This discovery likens …