Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 (Quadriptyque)

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Limited to 10 pieces, luxury Swiss watch manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 (aka the Quadriptyque) celebrates an iconic wristwatch model through an abundance of astronomical functionality. An example of haute horlogerie at its finest, the Quadriptyque incorporates a tourbillon, perpetual calendar and minute repeater complication into a slender but legible wristwatch with three dedicated lunar indicators. It’s a poetic piece as much as …

Jaeger-LeCoultre: Reverso Book

Coinciding with this year’s 90th anniversary of the iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, Assouline’s 200-page hardcover tome celebrates the wristwatch’s origins, distinct design development, global reception and cultural influence. Author and historian Nicholas Foulkes penned the text, which accompanies 150 images—both archival and original—that highlight more than 50 Reverso calibers (with several hundred dial variations, too). Fans of the timepiece, and horology, will delight.

Design Precision in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Iconic Watches

A new collection of watches draws inspiration from one of the brand's milestone timepieces

Sponsored by Jaeger-LeCoultre

From its heritage—and many records—to the proprietary components that beat in the heart of each handmade watch today, Jaeger-LeCoultre represents the best of the luxury watch world. There’s personality, history and a finesse that can only come from an item made with precise attention to detail. Visiting their manufacture (where watch parts are produced and assembled) in Le Sentier, Switzerland—as we have—underscores these facts. Here, …