UNDONE’s “Blank” Watch Collection With Topawards Asia

Six designers radically reimagine the brand's wristwatches

Historically, wristwatch design has been beholden to function. Wearers had to be able to tell time quickly and easily. As more (or most) people learn the time from their smartphones, the role of the watch has become more personal, either for the sake of ornamentation or self-expression. With that in mind, Topawards Asia tapped six veteran designers—Alan Chan, Theseus Chan, Noritake, Ordinary People, Ryosuke Uehara …

Ten Virtual Reality Highlights from Sundance 2020’s New Frontier Program

Technology meets storytelling in these mind-bending creative projects

Each year, the Sundance Film Festival‘s New Frontier exhibitions, installations and screenings diverge from the rest of the acclaimed event in that they debut technological achievements as important as storytelling advancements. In its commitment to virtual and augmented reality works, New Frontier’s become home to so much more—AI, mixed reality (MR), facial-recognition, biotech, to name some of the groundbreaking crossover. The 2020 roster in particular, with …

Heart Bones: Don’t Read The Comments

A second single from Heart Bones’ upcoming LP, Hot Dish, “Don’t Read the Comments” pairs pop musicality with clever and relevant lyricism. The act—comprised of Har Mar Superstar (aka Sean Tillmann) and Sabrina Ellis (of A Giant Dog and Sweet Spirit)—duets with delight. Soon, they’ll embark upon a US tour to support their album.