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Hip-hop, acid jazz, retro soul, R&B and more in music this week

MF DOOM: Rhymes Like Dimes Elusive, enigmatic and immensely talented, MF DOOM (born Daniel Dumile, aka Zev Love X, King Geedorah and Metal Face) has passed away aged 49. A cult favorite known for his intricate rhymes, off-kilter topics and clever wordplay, Dumile began rapping in the late ’80s as Zev Love X in KMD, a group he formed with his brother Dingilizwe Dumile. The …

Los Retros: New Humanity

Oxnard, California-based artist Los Retros (aka Mauri Tapia) melds genres, crafting music that exists somewhere between hazy soft rock, jazz fusion, and ’70s psychedelia. “New Humanity”—from his new EP, Everlasting—is no exception. Ethereal, high-pitched vocals offset a deep bass line and gentle percussion, while drifting synths and sirens lend their own allure. Not only a vocalist and instrumentalist, Tapia also produced this track.

Interview: Vocalist and Musician Jonah Yano

Ahead of his debut album, the Toronto-based artist discusses collaboration, his identity beyond art, and embracing personal subjects

In 2016, Jonah Yano uploaded his first single to SoundCloud. The song, called “reservations,” was an echoey track he recorded on his cellphone and passed to a friend to mix. The track somewhat unintentionally set the tone for his debut album, souvenir, which will debut on 19 June. Within the layers of acoustic instruments, distorted bass and drums, and up-and-down vocalizing, Yano addresses cherished memories with his …