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Le Spritz


Made with alcohol-free apéritif Ghia, canned single-serve beverage Le Spritz comes in four flavors: original with soda, lime and salt, ginger, or combo (OG and ginger). Ghia offers a lightly bitter, citrusy …


Lavender Water 12-Pack


Osun’s sugar- and gluten-free beverages can be sipped alone or added to spirits as a mixer. Beginning with spring water that’s been filtered through positively charged crystals, each drink is then infused …


Riverine Spirit


Co-founded by master distiller Morgan Mclachlan, AMASS focuses on botanicals, be it in their spirits or body products. Their alcohol-free offering, Riverine Spirit contains 14 regional botanics including juniper, sumac, sorrel, mint …

Optimist Botanicals

Smokey Non-Alcoholic Spirit


Beverage brand Optimist Botanicals specializes in distilled, non-alcoholic spirits. Their Smokey iteration—available now in 500ml bottles—employs clove, ginger, sage, bergamot, cinnamon leaf, habanero and angelica root to replicate the experience of sipping …


Botanical Drinks


Recently launched Rasāsvāda concoctions are made from hand-gathered whole plants often used in ancient traditions and contemporary customs. These non-alcoholic botanical blends (“spirit restoratives” as the brand calls them) provide benefits that …