Alex G: Runner

Twinkling piano and playful guitar open Alex G’s new track “Runner,” a pleasant indie-rock song enriched by the singer’s enthralling and shapeshifting vocals. These vocals span from baritone to yelps, altogether making a bright, melodious listen. It is the second track from the artist’s upcoming album God Save The Animals (out 23 September) and is accompanied by an Aldo Fisk-directed music video.

(Sandy) Alex G: Bad Man

(Sandy) Alex G’s “Bad Man” originally appeared on the artist’s 2019 album, House Of Sugar. Unexpectedly, the artist released an alternate version of the track, and an accompanying video directed by Zev Magasis. The 2020 take on “Bad Man” trades the twangy accent and generated drums for a pared-back piano and mandolin, and far more emotional and resonating vocals. Paired with the lo-fi visuals, the …