Eight Sets of Artistic + Design-Forward Playing Cards

Whether playing games or learning magic tricks, here are some of our favorite sets

Believed to be made first from wood block prints during the Tang Dynasty in China, playing cards existed in India, Korea, Persia and Egypt before making it to Europe around 1365, when the French popularized the suited deck style commonly found today. Whether it be a game of poker or dickhead, a magic trick or even divination, cards continue to entertain us centuries later. Here …

Silver Lake Drive

Alex Prager’s newest book “Silver Lake Drive” is a collection of cinematic mises-en-scène. The 224-page hardcover serves as a solid summation of her style—strange, beguiling and sometimes unnerving. The collection of images span several stages: from her early “Polyester” series to her striking “Face in the Crowd” collection—which was shot on a Hollywood sound stage.

“Crowd #4 (New Haven)” Puzzle

Photographer Alex Prager’s fantastically staged crowd scenes are complex works of art. Try piecing together the congested public space she created in “Crowd #4 (New Haven)” with this 500-piece limited edition puzzle. The photograph delivers a vibrant intimacy and an invitation to explore bold, personal characterizations with every piece you complete.