Brushed Alpaca Droplet Coverlet

Constructed from 100% brushed, hand-loomed alpaca, CH favorite Jonathan Adler’s aptly titled Droplet Coverlet features a piano key-like pattern of elongated drops and lollipop shapes. Thrown over the top of a bed or a couch, the cover acts as its own hybrid: a combination of a throw and a woven comforter. Each made-to-order item is woven by hand in Peru and measures out to 98 …

We Are Knitters’ All-in-One Kits

Make DIY sweaters and beanies easily, even if you're a beginner

Whether you find knitting meditative or enjoy the rebellious act of slow handmade fashion, the season is here for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Design-forward kit-making companies like Kitterly and Wool and the Gang (plus print magazines like Knit Wit) already make it easier than ever to get excited to purl, but another name in the knitting kit world, We Are Knitters has …

Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket

While pure Peruvian alpaca wool blankets can set you back $300+ easily, direct-to-consumer bedding obsessives Brooklinen have a slightly less expensive version that doesn’t sacrifice quality. The sumptuous, soft throw keeps warmth without the weight—you’ll be wrapping yourself in it year-round—and makes a reliable Netflix and chill partner.