We Are Knitters’ All-in-One Kits

Make DIY sweaters and beanies easily, even if you're a beginner

Whether you find knitting meditative or enjoy the rebellious act of slow handmade fashion, the season is here for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Design-forward kit-making companies like Kitterly and Wool and the Gang (plus print magazines like Knit Wit) already make it easier than ever to get excited to purl, but another name in the knitting kit world, We Are Knitters has more of an international perspective. Founded by María José Marín and Alberto Bravo, the brand ships its individual project-based kits (which include needles, balls of wool, pattern, sewing needle, and embroidered label—everything to get you through start to finish) throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Further, the website is available in seven different languages.

The kits come in eco-friendly paper bag packaging, resembling a gigantic packed lunch. Regardless of what project you choose (from blankets and beanies to cardigans, kimonos and bikinis for the advanced), there are 20+ colors to choose from. The only downside might be that the photographs of the skeins of wool aren’t consistently high quality, so you could be guessing what the true color is.

We Are Knitters continuously updates their site with new project kits and collaborations, most useful for those who are tired of doing the same traditional patterns. This month, they’ve created kits with French fashion brand Balzac for a très chic shawl, turban and sweater. Upcoming is one with Jessica Jones actor (and avid knitter) Krysten Ritter, who designed eight pieces, from a dog sweater to ’80s-style leg warmers.

Images courtesy of We Are Knitters