Riverine Spirit

Co-founded by master distiller Morgan Mclachlan, AMASS focuses on botanicals, be it in their spirits or body products. Their alcohol-free offering, Riverine Spirit contains 14 regional botanics including juniper, sumac, sorrel, mint and thyme. The light, citrus-forward, herbaceous drink—which is somewhat akin to gin—can be blended into cocktails, sipped neat or over ice with a little tonic.

Nomadic Distillery Amass Launches its First Gin

An exploration of LA’s spirit scene has led to a delicious tipple

Unlike most spirit brands, Amass is taking a nomadic approach: opting to travel from city to city, working with preferred distillers on small-batches of premium spirits. The brand’s first release, a gin from Los Angeles, was crafted by Morgan McLachlan, co-founder of The Spirit Guild. McLachlan had a hand in every step of the gin’s production—from choosing its 29 botanicals (which include two different types of mushroom, …