Nomadic Distillery Amass Launches its First Gin

An exploration of LA’s spirit scene has led to a delicious tipple

Unlike most spirit brands, Amass is taking a nomadic approach: opting to travel from city to city, working with preferred distillers on small-batches of premium spirits. The brand’s first release, a gin from Los Angeles, was crafted by Morgan McLachlan, co-founder of The Spirit Guild. McLachlan had a hand in every step of the gin’s production—from choosing its 29 botanicals (which include two different types of mushroom, Kaffir lime leaf, sarsaparilla and hibiscus, among others) to blending. The spirit is based on her style, as well as the city’s unique agricultural offerings.

Image by Jordan Hughes courtesy of Amass

The Los Angeles Gin—which was distilled in a 240 gallon copper still—is incredibly easy-drinking. With initial pops of citrus and an aftertaste that’s deep and woodsy, it doesn’t succumb to its long list of ingredients, rather it holds up to them, finding balance between the potency of the alcohol and the complexity of the flavors.

Images by Jordan Hughes courtesy of Amass

Beyond the Los Angeles gin, there’s an interesting plan at work here; Amass can create strong brand recognition and be ever-changing. Plus, pinning a spirit to an individual city, to one distiller in particular, allows consumers to branch out with ease.

“Amass is not only a brand that creates spirits, it’s a brand that creates experiences,” founder and CEO Mark Lynn tells us. “Our broad portfolio is an opportunity for consumers to be more experimental. We’re expanding the spirits landscape, and doing something that no one has ever done before.”

With their sights set on two new cities in 2019—Copenhagen and Kyoto—the possibilities are endless. They can confirm, however, that the Copenhagen release will be a small-batch, speciality vodka.

Images by Tiffany Chan courtesy of Amass

“These relationships enable us to introduce consumers to ultra-premium, small-batch, handcrafted spirits that are innovative, experimental and celebrate the essence of each city,” Lynn explains.

Amass’ Los Angeles Gin retails for $65 and is currently available in California only—with New York and Florida availability coming soon.