Angel Haze: Impossible

Following heartbreaking and emotional tracks from her upcoming EP In The Winter Of Wet Years, Angel Haze just released “Impossible.” From self-empowerment to politics, the fiery track features a clattering beat reminiscent of a machine gun and Angel Haze’s trademark sharp and fast vocals.


An unusual love ballad from Angel Haze, D'Angelo on SNL, fresh voices from London and more in our weekly look at music

D’Angelo: Live on SNL D’Angelo sent an important, visual message in his recent SNL performance: while he sang “Really Love” dressed in high-fashion, the singer stood atop a chalk outline and donned a hoodie, and his band wore “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts for “The Charade”—one of the album’s most poignant, timely and aurally stunning songs. Angel Haze: Candlxs Rapper Angel Haze’s …