An unusual love ballad from Angel Haze, D'Angelo on SNL, fresh voices from London and more in our weekly look at music


D’Angelo: Live on SNL

D’Angelo sent an important, visual message in his recent SNL performance: while he sang “Really Love” dressed in high-fashion, the singer stood atop a chalk outline and donned a hoodie, and his band wore “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts for “The Charade“—one of the album’s most poignant, timely and aurally stunning songs.

Angel Haze: Candlxs

Rapper Angel Haze’s newest song, “Candlxs,” is a “incredibly personal” ballad (supposedly inspired by her relationship with Ireland Baldwin) and shows off not only her softer side, but also much more of her singing. It’s the first single off of Haze’s upcoming sophomore record and is sure to be in heavy play in the days leading up to V-Day 2015.

ALA.NI: Cherry Blossom

Once delivering back up vocals for Mary J. Blige and Damon Albarn, London-based ALA.NI is now ready to go solo. Her song “Cherry Blossom” features barely-there strokes of guitar, steel pan and guitaret, stirring up feelings of nostalgia and mourning.

John Wizards: Cape Town in Your Earbuds Mix

John Wizards’ smooth mix for Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is required listening for anyone unfamiliar with the Mother City’s musical history and significance. Recognizable names like Hugh Masekela make an appearance along with more obscure (but nonetheless influential) names like The Flaming Souls and Dudu Pukwana.

Alex Burey: Inside World

If you needed yet another reason to feel old and unproductive, stream 19-year-old Alex Burey’s soulful debut EP Inside World, which the songwriter and producer from London is self-releasing through his label, Pling recordings.

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