Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Kids + Pets

Articles of distraction, instruments of creation and many more options for little loved ones

For years now, we at COOL HUNTING have grouped little loved ones—human and other—into the same gift guides and shopping categories. Of course, we recognize the substantial difference between children and pets, but there’s something undeniably wondrous about items developed for youthful humans, canines and felines. Whimsy and imagination often teach or train. Function exists beneath or because of layers of beauty. Toys, tools, articles …

Butterfly Wings Explored Through Chris Perani’s Marco Photography

Layer upon layer of  iridescent scales, running along multicolored hairs, are revealed through Chris Perani’s marco photography of butterfly wings. The photographer employs a 10x microscope objective affixed to a 200mm lens in order to get such precision. The findings are perhaps unsurprisingly exquisite and thoroughly mesmerizing, but Perani’s method is certainly notable. See more imagery at Colossal, where Perani outlines his process further.

Father Turns Son’s Illustrations Into Crazy, Lifelike Animals

As children seek to replicate what inspires them in the outside world, they seem to capture it through the distortion of imagination—and developing skills. Since 2016, an artist (known only as Tom) has been turning his son’s doodles into lifelike but (obviously) anatomically-incorrect images, much to the delight of others. They’ve been posted to Instagram under Things I Have Drawn and even become a book. See more of …