Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Secret lives of tattoos, the underbelly of an iceberg, celebrating women artists and more in our look around the web

1. Celebrating Artists on International Women’s Day While we shouldn’t only celebrate women artists one day of the year, It’s Nice That is showcasing the work (and thoughts) of an all-star-cast of women artists for IWD 2018. Working with various styles and mediums, articles include “words of wisdom from stage designer and visual artist Es Devlin; a rare interview with The Smiling Sun creator Anne …

FKA Twigs Dances the Day Away in Spike Jonze Apple’s HomePod Film

In his most adventurous, imaginative short-form spot since the Kenzo commercial that swept the world, Spike Jonze returns with an advertisement for Apple’s HomePod. Within, FKA Twigs works her way through the monotony of life, only to dance the depression away in her apartment—which grows with her mood. It’s beautiful, well choreographed, a bit mend-bending—and it certainly makes clear what the HomePod’s music functionality is.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Paint made from bacteria, ping pong at the New York Philharmonic, art fairs, rockets and more

1. “Black Panther” Pays Homage to Several African Cultures Marvel’s “Black Panther” costume designers Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler pay homage to several African cultures through their work in the film. It was a process aided by extensive research. The film’s primary (and fictional) location, Wakanda is a kingdom of different tribes and Carter drew inspiration from contemporary designers, from the “wool collection of South …

Depth Photography Apps and the New iPhones

Both the 8+ and the X capture detailed and editable depth data when shooting photos in portrait mode

Apple introduced Portrait Mode awhile back utilizing the dual lenses on their plus model phones to map depth in an image and blur out the background, creating the effect of a fast lens with the aperture wide open. With both the iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X on iOS 11 the depth data from portrait mode images is available to developers. Within Apple’s own Photos …

Notes: The Apple Watch 3 Has Me Back on the Kool-Aid

With updates throughout the hardware and software, the latest wearable proves its value

When the original Apple Watch launched in the spring of 2015 I was obsessed with the promise of a wearable to end all wearables. After all, Apple did it with the iPhone—a device that changed the world for businesses and consumers alike and set a course for all phones to follow. I committed to wearing the Watch daily for about six months. Once the novelty …