The Apple iPhone XS and the Dawn of Computational Photography

After a couple weeks with the new device, it's the camera that's most impressive

The hype whenever Apple introduces a new product is that it’s “revolutionary.” That’s quite literally hyperbole because very few companies debut something that truly creates a sea change with any sort of consistency. But the new iPhone XS and XS Max actually are revolutionary, especially because they herald a different kind of photography in your pocket that has never been possible before. To understand how and why, …

Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Designs Are More Than What You Might Think

We wear-tested the latest version and learned important development stories

Unveiled last week and available tomorrow, the Apple Watch Series 4 is a major update to the now four-year-old device series. Having wear-tested one for the last week I definitely feel it’s well worth the upgrade for existing users and finally the right time to get an Apple Watch for anyone who has been on the fence. Valuable new health features, a louder speaker, thinner case, …

Interview: Nature-Activism Photographer Daniel Beltrá and the New MacBook Pro

From insight on editing in the field to the color palatte of our environment

Apple recently released an updated MacBook Pro with significant performance improvements that were welcomed by demanding pro users. The new MacBook Pro features a quieter keyboard, faster processors, more memory and for the first on a Mac—a True Tone display. True Tone has existed on the iPad and iPhone for generations, but the technology—which matches the whitepoint on your screen to the ambient light tone around …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Secret lives of tattoos, the underbelly of an iceberg, celebrating women artists and more in our look around the web

1. Celebrating Artists on International Women’s Day While we shouldn’t only celebrate women artists one day of the year, It’s Nice That is showcasing the work (and thoughts) of an all-star-cast of women artists for IWD 2018. Working with various styles and mediums, articles include “words of wisdom from stage designer and visual artist Es Devlin; a rare interview with The Smiling Sun creator Anne …

FKA Twigs Dances the Day Away in Spike Jonze Apple’s HomePod Film

In his most adventurous, imaginative short-form spot since the Kenzo commercial that swept the world, Spike Jonze returns with an advertisement for Apple’s HomePod. Within, FKA Twigs works her way through the monotony of life, only to dance the depression away in her apartment—which grows with her mood. It’s beautiful, well choreographed, a bit mend-bending—and it certainly makes clear what the HomePod’s music functionality is.