Harissa Crackers

New York Shuk teamed up with Hayden Flour Mills to put a vibrant spin on the humble cracker. Combining Hayden Flour’s high-quality, white sonora wheat with the market’s authentic and experienced palate for Middle Eastern flavors, the Harissa Crackers make for an organic and elevated snack. Packed with savory seasoning and a more complex taste profile, these vegan crackers deliver a touch of flair.

WATG’s Great Architectural Bake-Off

NYC architects and designers unite to build iconic structures from dessert items

We’re in the midst of Archtober—NYC’s sixth annual month-long celebration of architecture and design, complete with innovative programming and activities. To honor the month in a clever, tasty way, hospitality architectural firm WATG and their design division Wimberly Interiors brought a rather uncommon event to town: The Great Architectural Bake-Off. Within the competition, seven architecture and design firms reconstructed iconic buildings… from dessert items. Cool …