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Atlas of Brutalist Architecture


There are 878 buildings by 798 architects stuffed into the aptly titled Atlas of Brutalist Architecture. Readers can browse over 1,000 photographs of these glorious structures—some still standing, others long gone—across 560 pages. …

Ornament is Crime: Modernist Architecture


A new work from Phaidon—written by Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd, founding directors of The Modern House—celebrates and reappraises the value of modernist architecture and its place in global architectural movements. The …

Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide


Whether used as a real-life travel guide or as a point of reference, Sam Lubell and Darren Bradley’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide is full of design delights from the USA’s West …

Nanotecture: Tiny Built Things


When thinking of architecture most of us don’t think of small-scale creations, but there’s plenty of design prowess behind these structures. From pet houses to pods to tree houses and sheds, cabins …

An Igloo on the Moon


Exploring the development of structures from early igloos to 3D-printing today, author David Jenkins has created an informative, visually stunning work on how and why we build things. While the narrative was …

TED Books

The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings


Following his enthralling 2014 TED Talk, Marc Kushner of Architizer has crafted the latest addition to the TED Books library. To explore how media influences architecture around the world Kushner focuses on …