105-Piece Mini Architectural Model Kit

Recommended for architecture nerds (over eight years old), model kit maker ARCKIT’s 105-piece set comes with instructions for assembling the basics, but plenty of opportunities for customization, too. Whether an aspiring architect or someone looking for something structural to tinker with, there’s plenty to conceptualize and bring to fruition—from a standalone building to a corridor within a larger complex.

Design + Assemble Your Dream City With Arckit

Two new tactile architectural modeling systems; one for professionals and another for rookies

Since its launch in 2014, Arckit has provided architectural modeling systems for individuals of all skill levels—from children to dreamers and professional urban planners and designers. Their signature snap-together pieces and comprehensive kits allow for idea execution with ease. Today, however, the brand has launched an Arckit Kickstarter featuring various versions of two new models: the Arckit Cityscape for beginners and the Arckit Masterplan for …