Design + Assemble Your Dream City With Arckit

Two new tactile architectural modeling systems; one for professionals and another for rookies

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Since its launch in 2014, Arckit has provided architectural modeling systems for individuals of all skill levels—from children to dreamers and professional urban planners and designers. Their signature snap-together pieces and comprehensive kits allow for idea execution with ease. Today, however, the brand has launched an Arckit Kickstarter featuring various versions of two new models: the Arckit Cityscape for beginners and the Arckit Masterplan for professionals. Both feature components in architects’ white, though the former also comes with elements in subtle colors and with graphics. With either kit, users can build a vision into a 3D structure or structures.

Founder Damien Murtagh launched Arckit as an alternative to traditional “cut and glue” architects models—and education and ease of use were fundamental elements upon launch. Its success with professionals has led to continued expansion, including with this Kickstarter. Arckit is more than just tools for designing and building one structure, but for developing entire neighborhoods—urban or suburban—and incorporating everything from piazzas to parks and beyond. There’s freedom to construct without boundary and, since there’s no glue involved, everything can be modified easily.

12 different kit options exist through the Arckit Kickstarter including: the Arckit Cityspace for a €19 pledge, the Arckit Cityspace XL for a €50 pledge, the Arckit Cityspace XXL for a €80 pledge, the Arckit Masterplan for a €119 pledge and the Arckit Masterplan PRO for €440. All products are compatible with one another.

Images courtesy of Arckit