The Practice of Art and AI

In partnership with Ars Electronica, the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab plumbs the relationship between art and science in The Practice of Art and AI. The book explores the rapid development of AI art and revisits the exhibitions and projects since the lab’s opening, with new insight, interviews and supplementary material. It makes for a thought-provoking meditation on art and technology.

“Save As…” at NYC Pop-Up Gallery, Bunker

An exhibition focusing on the artistic struggle between humans and computers

Is art produced by a computer (with a human creator behind it) any less valuable than works created by a maker’s hands? The answer, of course, is no. And yet, the place of digitally crafted works has still not been wholly embraced by the art world. That’s what a new exhibition at the NYC pop-up BUNKER Gallery explores. Curated by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, the show “Save …

Pulse Miami Beach 2015: Amir Baradaran’s Augmented Reality Experience

Shattering one's own face while singing Sufi poetry at the contemporary art fair

We’re a few weeks out from Miami Art Week and conversations over the multiple, concurrent art fairs and unprecedented displays of art included have already commenced. With virtual reality and augmented reality ever-emerging areas in the art world, we were quick to take note of the announcement that Amir Baradaran would be showcasing a new piece at this year’s PULSE Contemporary Art Fair. A visionary …