The Practice of Art and AI

In partnership with Ars Electronica, the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab plumbs the relationship between art and science in The Practice of Art and AI. The book explores the rapid development of AI art and revisits the exhibitions and projects since the lab’s opening, with new insight, interviews and supplementary material. It makes for a thought-provoking meditation on art and technology.

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Art Nerds

Present ideas for people who make or admire art

There are so many places to observe and appreciate artwork, and yet it’s such a gift to have art in your home, whether it’s an original painting, one of multiple prints, limited edition risographs, lithographs or even artful museum merchandise. Books about different genres, artists, designers, buildings, styles and photographers are another way to immerse ourselves with works of wonder—and learn about the history and …

Plant Magick: The Library of Esoterica

Part of Taschen’s Library of Esoterica, Plant Magick—written by Jessica Hundley and designed by Thunderwing studio—is the fourth volume in the series that chronicles mystic traditions. Featuring interviews, essays and 400+ images (including ancient Egyptian stonework), Plant Magick explores how plants and the natural world have been intrinsically connected with countless stories, myths, medicine, religions and cultural practices throughout history. Also in the series are …