New Art New Ideas Brush Pencil

This two-in-one brush and pencil carries the New Museum’s new mission statement, “New Art New Ideas,” through text emblazoned on the implement’s side. The statement underscores the museum’s ethos that contemporary art can act as a social and political force, capable of advancing society. To that end, this nifty utensil can be used to explore creative ideas through painting, sketches or a mix of both.

Hands-On With Google Tilt Brush At Pioneer Works

Testing the VR art tool at Dustin Yellin's annual Village Fête

One doesn’t need to be a painter (or even have that much hand-eye coordination) to enjoy the wonders of Google’s new Tilt Brush virtual reality app. Working in conjunction with the HTC Vive VR set (powered by the Steam VR platform), Tilt Brush allows users to paint with color, light and more in three dimensions. In many ways, the experience is more like sculpting than …