Dream AI Art App

Created by Canadian artificial intelligence company WOMBO, Dream is an AI-powered app that converts text to painted art when given a prompt and preferred style. Available on iOS with a monthly subscription starting at $5, the intuitive algorithm explores AI’s ability to bring words to life.

Tonic Generative Art Platform’s First Release, Chromesthesia: Ascend

Abstract generative art with colors informed by sound

Founded by Susannah Maybank (former head of digital at Gagosian) and Mariam Naficy (founder of design marketplace Minted), Tonic aims to make collecting digital art—and the entire world of blockchain art—more appealing, accessible and approachable. Rather than focus on collectible profile pictures, their platform features carefully curated fine art that will hopefully entice new audiences—even those more accustomed to real-life galleries. Today, Tonic drops its inaugural …

Interview: Artist and TED Fellow Constance Hockaday

An enlightening six-minute discourse on organizational leadership development and artistry

Last week, artist Constance Hockaday‘s illuminating TED Talk, which we initially observed in April 2022, debuted online. Hockaday, among other imaginative accolades, created NYC’s Boggsville Boatel and Boat-In Theater and founded Artists-in-Presidents, an empowering series of “leadership makeovers” featuring inclusive public addresses, performances and portraiture of diverse people in power. Within her inspiring discourse at TED, the prolific creator directly addresses a path toward personal agency. Hockaday’s method for determining …