Winemakers Tap Scientists for Better Bubbles

Funded by the Wine Australia organization, with additional support from several winemakers, a new scientific study is underway to improve Tasmanian wine quality and bubbles—as well as increase cost efficiency during the maturation process. Led by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, the study explores various winemaking techniques and specifically the practice of autolysis, which dates back to the Romans. This process, frequently used in premium …

Ecca Vandal feat. Sampa The Great: Your Orbit

Two Australian talents come together for the dynamic new track “Your Orbit.” Blending a ’90s jazzy hip-hop vibe with some soulful grooves, Ecca Vandal and Sampa The Great deliver a buoyant jam that’s textured and rich. This is a super-breezy, summer-ready tune.

Best of CH 2017: Travel

From Bali to Switzerland, Australia and the USA, some of our favorite destinations this year

Whether exploring a nearby neighborhood or a nation, there’s nothing that satisfies a curious mind quite like travel. This year—like every year—CH full-time staff and contributors from all over the world have experienced adventures of all kinds, all over the globe. With articles focusing on hotels, bars, art and more, our travel section is overflowing with inspiration for your next trip. From must-sees to obscure …