Pin Badge Set

Featuring David Shrigley’s specific brand of off-kilter humor, this set of five badges will delight fans of the Scottish artist. All in Shrigley’s familiar lettering, the badges display the following designs: Ploys Holp Me, Noodles, Potato, Look At My Badge and Back In 5 Minutes. Wear them all at once or share with friends who also appreciate the importance of silliness.

Baobap Miniature Embroidered Brooches

Irem Yazici's tiny, hand-embroidered vignettes are not your average flair

Sometimes statement-making accessories make a statement that’s just a little too loud. Baobap’s miniature brooches are therefore perfect for times that require a bit more subtlety, offering a bit of flair that will quickly snazz up an outfit without the weight of a larger piece. Reminiscent of scout badges, each pin consists of a hand-embroidered vignette that is then housed within a bottle cap, adding …

Psychic Lapel Pin

No matter what kind of power of intuition you may posess, this bright little lapel pin jazzes up your blazer just enough. The purple enamel crystal ball declares the title of Psychic beneath it, and we predict more than a few quippy conversations will be started as a result of wearing it.