Baobap Miniature Embroidered Brooches

Irem Yazici's tiny, hand-embroidered vignettes are not your average flair


Sometimes statement-making accessories make a statement that’s just a little too loud. Baobap’s miniature brooches are therefore perfect for times that require a bit more subtlety, offering a bit of flair that will quickly snazz up an outfit without the weight of a larger piece. Reminiscent of scout badges, each pin consists of a hand-embroidered vignette that is then housed within a bottle cap, adding a bit of dimension for framing. Though modest in size, each brooch is bold in design, with Baobap creator Irem Yazici using old-school tattoos, vintage diving bells and desert landscapes for inspiration. Each brooch is one of a kind and made to order—and if you don’t see something you like, Yazici takes custom requests.

Baobap’s miniature embroidered brooches sell from Etsy for $20 to $30 each.

Images courtesty of Baobap