Basil Hayden’s Limited Release Subtle Smoke Bourbon

A hickory-smoked barrel imbues this lightly sweet liquid with a gently charred character

The flavor of smoke, though polarizing, is a point of intrigue for many in the whiskey world. Whether wafting into the olfactory receptors or washing over the palate, it’s an attribute that can encompass notes ranging from plumes off a campfire to petrol. A smooth, light and approachable entry point into smoky whiskey can be found in a new, limited release from Basil Hayden, aptly …

Dry Gin

For those who enjoy a dry gin with a citrus tinge, this iteration from LA-based AMASS promises notes of various fruit peels, lemongrass, pepper and more. Crafted using 29 botanicals (11 of which are grown in California), with no artificial additives, it’s complex but easy-drinking, and works in most cocktails—especially a classic martini.

Legacy Edition 2021 Rum

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway and his beloved boat, the Pilar, the ultra-premium rums from Key West, Florida-based liquor brand Papa’s Pilar are crafted in collaboration with the iconic writer’s estate. With the limited release Legacy Edition 2021, Papa’s Pilar has produced a delectable blend of rums aged up to 24 years (that they’ve carefully sourced from around the Caribbean), finished through a solera system utilizing …