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Via Carota

Classic Negroni


From beloved West Village restaurant Via Carota, a bottled cocktail that’s been perfected by the experts: chefs and owners Jody Williams and Rita Sodi. A slight variation of the one-one-one recipe, this …

Sticky Glass

Bubble Pitcher #4


From Brooklyn-based Sticky Glass, founded and helmed by Grace Whiteside, the Bubble Pitcher #4 is part of the Bubble collection—full of delightfully bulbous objects in retro-leaning colors. Its handblown nature means that …


Ensamble Mezcal


Made just outside San Dionisio, Oaxaca from a blend of two different types of agave—Espadin and Cuishe—Madre’s Ensamble mezcal is crafted using the traditional Zapotec technique. A little smoky, this mezcal contains …


Dry Gin


For those who enjoy a dry gin with a citrus tinge, this iteration from LA-based AMASS promises notes of various fruit peels, lemongrass, pepper and more. Crafted using 29 botanicals (11 of …

Papa’s Pilar

Legacy Edition 2021 Rum


Inspired by Ernest Hemingway and his beloved boat, the Pilar, the ultra-premium rums from Key West, Florida-based liquor brand Papa’s Pilar are crafted in collaboration with the iconic writer’s estate. With the …

My Toque

Zuko Jumbo Ice Trays


Designed to save space and for convenience, Zuko’s jumbo ice trays make six large ice cubes across two stackable containers. Made from silicone molds, the trays make removing ice easy, while a …

Mr Black

Cold Brew Old Fashioned Kit


Featuring 750ml bottles of two CH favorites, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and WhistlePig PiggyBack 100% Rye, this Cold Brew Old Fashioned Kit translates to 26 servings of a fresh take on the …

United Sodas of America

Low-Sugar Soda Variety Pack


United Sodas of America’s color-coded variety pack features 12 flavors in matching hues. From Extra Peachy to Cherry Pop, Sour Blueberry and Toasted Coconut, every iteration is naturally flavored using proprietary recipes …

Absolut Elyx

Handmade Copper Rabbit Drinking Cup


Limited to an edition of 30, Absolut Elyx’s latest copper drinking vessel comes in the form of a spritely rabbit. Washable by hand only, each lifelike animal varies slightly due to its …