Coupe Twirl Mint Set

Amsterdam-based design studio &KLevering has been injecting color, joy and spirit into homewares since 1992. Their Coupe Twirl Mint vessels playfully riff on classic champagne glasses with unexpected shapes and hues. Using a textured, retro shape and a mint-colored stem, these glasses elevate any drink. Price is in Euros.

Colored Bulbous Wine Glasses

Designed by London-based Jochen Holz, these delightfully colorful and wonky wine glasses make dinner parties feel extra playful. Available in sets of four, they’re free-blown using the incalmo technique (incalmo translates to “graft” in Venetian dialect) which fuses two parts together. Made from borosilicate glass, they’re a little sturdier than regular glass—but their handcrafted nature (and price) means they’re still very precious. Price is in …

Zuko Jumbo Ice Trays

Designed to save space and for convenience, Zuko’s jumbo ice trays make six large ice cubes across two stackable containers. Made from silicone molds, the trays make removing ice easy, while a flavor-guard lip prevents spills and freezer-tasting cubes.