Holiday Gift Guides 2021: $25 and Under

Starting at just a few dollars, more affordable presents for all occasions

Whether it’s shopping for family members, buying for friends, taking part in gift exchanges with colleagues, mailing presents across the world, attending festive parties, hosting dinners or traveling, the expense of the holiday season adds up. It’s just as important for everyone to feel comfortable and secure during this time as it is to try to bring joy to those around us. With that in …

CBD Lavender + Vetiver Bath Soak

Daughter Of The Land’s CBD Lavender bath soak blends epsom and French grey salts, incorporating 80 anti-inflammatory trace minerals and magnesium. Along with full-spectrum CBD and lavender, vetiver and rose geranium oils, it’s a blend intended to soothe muscles and heighten relaxation. Packaged in 100% compostable material, this hemp-derived formula is made with organic and Certified Fair Trade ingredients.

Dunk Zero CBD Muscle Soak

Composed of WeedSport’s custom blend of hand-harvested Sel Gris salt, Dead Sea salt with high minerality, magnesium-rich Epsom salt and 150mg of cannabinoids, Dunk Zero muscle soak aims to refresh and restore. Each 12-ounce compostable bag—which adhere to Matek’s mission to minimize waste—comes with enough product for one or two baths, depending on desired personal use (a 20-minute soak is recommended, regardless). The gentle fragrance …