Bump Mobile Power Bank

For some, having a mobile power bank is as essential as a phone itself, and thanks to the new Bump, there’s finally an attractive, user-friendly option. Bump eliminates the hassle of tangled cords and cables by combining a battery pack and wall-mounted charger into a single pebble-like device. A meter-long no-tangle cable minimizes fumbling while built-in prongs allow for super-easy recharging when the power bank …

Power Reserve

Upgrading the monotonous (and for some smartphone addicts, extremely nerve-racking) act of phone charging is the new collaboration between Supreme and portable battery experts Mophie—and there’s a ring on it. Like any of Supreme’s streetwear apparel and accessories, this sleek power reserve will be tough to get ahold of, but it’s a must-have in a working traveler’s arsenal.

Mophie Juice Pack Helium

A super slim, battery-boosting case for iPhone 5

A bit of good news for iPhone 5 users comes this week as Mophie—one of the most trusted names in mobile charging devices—announces Helium, its first case charger for the new model. When compared with other charging options, Mophie stands out by not standing out, literally: Helium is ultra-slim, about 13 percent thinner than Air, Mophie’s name for their iPhone 4/4S charging case. In terms …