Gluten-Free Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Justin Gill, founder of Bachan, honed his family’s authentic sauce recipe in a way that honors the generations who made it before him. Their Japanese Barbecue sauce is a CH favorite and is also available gluten-free. It’s still packed with umami flavor from tamari soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil and koji seed and is cold-filled to eliminate preservatives while maintaining longevity.

The Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce

A family recipe, The Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce was developed by Justin Gill and his bachan (aka granny) Judy Yokoyama. This bbq sauce is unlike North American iterations: it’s less viscous, less sweet and has a bold flavor with just the right amount of umami. Additionally, it’s made with simple ingredients (including non-GMO soy sauce, cane sugar, organic garlic, ginger and green onion) rather than …

Nine New Summer Grilling Essentials

From utensils to a chocolate BBQ sauce recipe, all your outdoor cooking needs are covered

Small spaces are no excuse to forego the celebrated summertime activity of barbecuing, whether you’re grilling with friends or just for yourself. If there’s a balcony or terrace at your disposal, or a corner of shared rooftop, these eight items will make sure you’re saving space, while maximizing utility. We also included a super-quick chocolate BBQ sauce recipe, just for good measure. Weber Spirit E-210 …