Berhana feat. Mereba: Golden Pt. 2

Berhana and Mereba’s delicate new duet, “Golden Pt. 2,” acts an extension of Berhana’s “Golden” which appeared on his album, HAN. On the new version, the collaborators trade verses until they meet—on the track and in the Boma Iluma-directed video. Electronic elements mingle with the pair’s airy vocals, while digitally generated drums and a funky bass line play in the background.

berhana: Health Food

With a debut album due later year this year, berhana teases audiences with lead single “Health Food,” a playful, disco-tinged track about balancing the good with the bad. The accompanying video—directed by Sam Guest and Julia Baylis—was shot on 16mm and depicts berhana in a maze-like set wherein junk food abounds and green juice is a heavenly reprieve. Altogether it’s funky and lighthearted, and leaves …