Lava Blazer

Made by hand in New York from lightweight, water-repellant Italian fabric (a unique blend of recycled metals and nylon), the Lava Blazer from GOSS draws inspiration from the otherworldly lava-and-salt landscapes of Northern Chile. Founded by Derrick Goss, the exploratory fashion brand defies expectations with each item in the latest collection—which includes this loosely fitted jacket, shorts, shirts and briefs.

Crepe Indigo Terry Cardigan Blazer

Dyed a medium indigo hue, Goodlife’s terry cardigan blazer boasts the silhouette of a more formal garment with the feel of something more relaxed. Part cardigan and part blazer, it is an easygoing piece that will fade and age with character. Because of the brand’s unique dye process, each blazer will look a bit different.

Smarter Women’s Workwear

Three brands who are making business-casual actually enjoyable (and supremely wearable)

A new year means a re-assessment of your closet. Not many people ever get excited over buying a button-down, but just because you have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The three brands below are working overtime to design pieces that are more than what meets the eye, and most important of all, offer a boost in confidence when …