Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: At-Home Activities

11 products that spark play and creativity

Whether having Valentine’s Day solo, with pals, family, housemates, pets, neighbors, romantic partners or surrounded by kids, an at-home celebration of love should be pleasurable. For some, that’s cooking, taking a bath, giving (or receiving) a massage, practicing ikebana, watching a film, crafting or creating something beautiful. Here we have selected some of our favorite products that prompt a joyful activity to spend time on—and time …

Tai Body Oil

Founded by mother and daughter duo, Sade Baron and Rachel Lambo, skincare brand Sade Baron relies on 100% natural ingredients to encourage the skin to heal and correct itself. Their Tai Body Oil—powered by cold-pressed prickly pear oil, broccoli seed oil, olive squalane, calendula oil and sea buckthorn oil—does so by forming an occlusive film that covers the epidermis, preventing water loss, dehydration and skin …

Vixen Body Oil

Crafted using sunflower, safflower and avocado oil, Jade & Fox Co’s luxuriant and fragrant Vixen Body Oil doubles as a moisturizer and perfumer. The food-grade ingredients within lend nutrients to skin—and even offer natural SPF. Though sold out, anyone interested can join the mailing list to learn when the product will return.